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All our developers and designers go through a 3 stage assessment process that is usually completed within one week.   All our assessments are done virtually and do not require the physical presence of the candidates.

1. Psychommetric Tests

The first stage of the assessment process consists of a number of psychometric questions taken online. The test is timed and can be taken virtually as long as the candidate has a good internet connection. Dependent on which role you apply for, the psychometric tests will consist of numerical, verbal and logical reasoning question. The best way to prepare for these tests is to practice, practice, practice.

Take Practice Test

2. Case Study Assessment

The case study assessment is a series of take home exercises that are designed to mimic sample challenges that will be found in real business scenarios. For Developers, the case study will be a series of programming exercises. For Business Analysts, the case study will be a series of business requirements and analysis challenges. For Designers, the case study will be a series of interface design challenges. Want to see an example of a sample case study, click on the button below.

Take sample case study

3. The Interview

The final stage of our assessment process is a virtual interview with a member of our team. At this stage, we want to find out about your educational background, experience and your motivations. We will be assessing the candidates on their communication skills, confidence and technical competence. The best way to prepare for the interview is to check out a range of free resources online on interview preparation. You can also check out our blog post on Acing the Technical Interview.