#BuddingDev Meet-Up

Cousant Limited is set to host the maiden edition of the #BuddingDev Meet-Up. The BuddingDev Meet-Up is geared at creating a serene environment where undergraduate developers and UI/UX designers can interact with seasoned and experienced software developers and UI/UX designers across business sectors. REGISTER

In the Lagos beach-front, students get to relax and have fun while learning and networking. It is a full day event which includes QnA and panel sessions by the beach bar, Volleyball competition, Networking session and time to relax and have a cold drink.

Venue: An exquisite beach side in Lekki

Time: 10 A.M.

Date: August 11, 2018.

Register to reserve a seat here: https://cousant.typeform.com/to/Xugr8C



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