Moving from Client Requirements to Delivery using Agile

In this edition of our webinar Tolu Adesina takes us on the topic: Moving from Client Requirements to Delivery using Agile.
Tolu Adesina is an executive director in one of the largest investment banks in the world. She started her career working in various roles within financial services including IT consultancy, projects, strategy, infrastructure management and business services. Over the life span of her career she has worked with reputable companies such as NASDAQ, Deutsche bank and Barclays.


She is an avid volunteer which led to her co-founding the women of the word and seed foundation and is passionate about mentoring young people in all areas including navigating their career path and managing their development plan.


She enjoys travelling and has visited 5 continents with aspirations of visiting the last 2 in her lifetime. Her passions span from spending quality time with loved ones to exploring and trying new cuisine.


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