The 5 Hottest Programming Skills


There are over 717 programming languages in existence. Some are now obsolete while others are in high demand. There are two types of people. The one who goes around trying to learn all available languages. The other is the wise one who goes on to become a master of the Top 5 programming skills in high demand. Programming and software development is a very dynamic field. New programming languages are created  over short periods of time. They become very popular and in-demand within a few months and fade away over a couple of years. The cycle draws similitude with the feelings of buying a new tech gadget.

Stakeholders in the tech sector, developers, need to constantly learn new skills and also improve their existing skills to stay relevant. Although there are different ways to measure a programming language’s popularity, we believe examining job demand is most useful because it shows developers the skills to learn to improve their career prospects. Companies across industries are constantly looking to create the next big thing in tech as such are looking to hire the best developers to deliver their dream projects.

Rank of programming skills most in-demand
PHP ranks as the most demanded programming skill

The Top 5 Programming Skills

There are over 717 programming languages per Wikipedia. This includes those in current use and historical ones. Programmers need to understand which are the most in demand in order to cater to the market needs. The top 5 programming and business skills  in hot demand in the Nigerian market include:

  • PHP
  • .NET (C#)
  • Front-End Development
  • Project Management
  • WordPress Development


PHP is the preferred programming skill of choice for many newbie and junior programmers due to its role as the defacto scripting language for the web. Many websites and the most popular Content Management Systems are built on PHP making it a necessary skill to have for website designers and developers.  With exception of the financial services industry, PHP is the most requested programming skill on most job adverts and also from our clients.

.NET (C#)

.NET (C#) is very popular in the financial services industry especially in the banking sector, primarily due to its maturity as a back-end development language.  VB.NET however is not as popular and clients only ever require VB.NET developers when there is a need to deal with legacy systems.

Front-End Development

Front-End Development skills have increased in popularity due to the adoption of javascript frameworks like AngularJS. AngularJS is becoming a must have skill for any serious software developer due to its flexibility to create both Web and Mobile applications. AngularJS is also becoming a favorite for creating hybrid mobile applications using the Ionic framework and is in high demand from employers.

Project management and Business analysis

Project management and Business analysis are not programming skills but there are more teams that are requiring these skills to help increase the success of software development projects. Business analysis has started to increase in popularity due to high demand in the financial services space.

Highest earning skills in Nigeria, 1st half 2018.
.NET developers were the highest earners in first half of 2018.

Although PHP is most in-demand programming skill, .NET developers make up the majority of those at the high end of the salary spectrum.  The intense demand for experienced .NET (C#) developers in the financial services sector combined with a limited pool of competent developers is pushing up wages for .NET developers.  Our prediction is that there will be more demand for .NET Developers in the short to medium term which should push up wages for .NET Developers.

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