The Mobile App Development with React Native Course

Learn Mobile App Development using React Native

“This course has been specially designed for beginners with knowledge of web technologies to learn the required skills to become a Mobile Application Developer without breaking the bank”

For the last 3 years there has been an acute shortage of Mobile App Developers in the job market. In 2019 alone, we have received so many requests for Mobile App Developers that it has become an issue because we just cannot find the candidates to take on these roles. This is why we have designed this course to meet the current demand for Mobile App Developers in the marketplace.

“There are a number of Mobile App Development frameworks out there but we have made it easy for you to choose the right one – And that is the framework employers desperately need today!!!”

Everyday, our talent acquisition team comes across promising IT professionals that are looking for their next career move but many of them just don’t have the right skill sets employers are seeking. What if we told you that React Native is currently the most sought after mobile app development framework so far in 2019? Doesn’t it make sense to learn the one skill that employers need today and better still learn it at a cost-effective price?

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  • Learn how to Develop feature rich Mobile Applications using the React Native framework
  • Simple to learn as React Native leverages on your existing web development knowledge
  • Gain the confidence and skills to take on any Mobile App development brief (local and internationally)
  • Increase your earning potential after taking this course
  • Maintain your current employment arrangement while taking the course as it is a weekend only course
  • Learn how to integrate with a local payment gateway from a mobile App.
  • Join this course from anywhere in the world as all classes are virtual
  • 24/7 Access to a whatsapp community with live support from instructors and fellow classmates
  • You never miss a class with our live replay sessions for those that missed any of the classes

“This course has been designed specifically to equip beginners that know javascript with the practical skills to start developing mobile applications for their work or personal projects.”

Many courses focus on just teaching the basics of developing mobile applications but never really give participants practical skills that they can use to perform tasks on their own. We have carefully structured this course to include modules that will be relevant for participants in the real world. From learning about authentication to integrating with a local payment gateway, this course will give participants the confidence to tackle real-world projects.

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The Course

The ‘Learn Mobile App Development using React Native’ course has been structured into modules to help you learn in an easy and natural way. Each module is designed to introduce a core concept and provides real examples to help you understand more. At the end of each module, you will be given a set of exercises to help solidify your learning experience.

The modules covered in this course are

Introduction to Mobile App Development

Technology Stack for Mobile App Development

The Different Mobile App Development Frameworks

About React Native

How React Native Works

Pros & Cons using React Native

Test Your Knowledge

What Are Components

Basic Components

User Interface Components

List View Components

Android Specific Components

iOS Specific Components

Other Components

Test Your Knowledge


Setting up the Development Environment

Getting Familiar With Visual Studio Code

Setting up the Expo CLI

Setting up First Project

Deploying to a Mobile Phone

Understanding the Project Folder Structure

Writing First Lines of Code

Test Your Knowledge

Introduction to Navigation

Using the Stack Navigation

Using the Tab Navigation

Test Your Knowledge

Introduction to Styling

Inline Styling

Using Stylesheets

Concatenating Styles

Organizing Styles

Using Flexbox

Test Your knowledge

Using the Text Component

Using the Button Component

Using the Switch Component

Using the Activity Indicator Component

Using the Image Component

Using the TextInput Component

Using the Alert Component

Using the Section List Component

Using the Animated Component

Using the Scroll View Component

Using the Progress Bar Android Component

Combining Platform Specific Components

Test Your Knowledge

Getting Started

Planning our Application

Creating Project Folders

Styling the Application

Adding Onboarding Screens

Receiving User Input

Test Your Knowledge

Debugging Fundamentals

Debugging Setup/Environment Issues

Debugging Tools

Debugging source code Issues

Debugging Test Environment Issues

Test Your Knowledge

Authentication Methods

Introduction to Google Firebase

Google Firebase and React Native

Authentication with Firebase

Test Your Knowledge

Storage Mechanisms

Using AsyncStorage

Using Firebase Cloud Storage

Test Your Knowledge

Introduction to API

Integrating with Location API

Integrating with MapView API

Integrating Facebook API

Integration with FlutterWave Payment Gateway

Test Your Knowledge

Deploying Mobile Apps


Building the Android Mobile App

Deploying to Google Playstore

Test Your Knowledge


Building the iOS Mobile App

Deploying to the Apple AppStore

Test Your Knowledge

Reasons for Securing Your App

Introduction to Mobile App Vulnerabilities

Mitigating Common Mobile App Vulnerabilities

Test Your Knowledge


The course will run for a period of 6 consecutive Saturdays starting from the 27th of July 2019.

Live classes start at 0900am on each Saturday and end at 1330pm


Ife King is an accomplished software developer with many years of experience developing mobile applications.

“I always wanted to start a career as a mobile app developer and was completely lost on where and how to start. When I found out about the cousant’s mobile app development course, it was exactly what I had been looking for.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to build a career in mobile app development. Cousant’s Mobile App development course is what you need”



Abdul-Fatai Quadri.

April 2019 Class



  • Free Accompanying PDF Course EBook
  • Inclusion in our exclusive candidate pipeline where we send your profiles to employers seeking Mobile App Developers
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Access to other free educational content (ebooks and webinars)
  • Discount on subsequent training courses

“One of the best things about this course is that it does not require you to take time off work or school. All live virtual classes take place on weekends over google hangouts…”

With this virtual course you get the best of both worlds between an online course and a classroom-based course. With our live virtual classes, you get the convenience of taking a course online while still getting the real-time interaction of a class. The live virtual classes help motivate participants to show up to every class. So if you are one of those that easily get bored whilst taking an online course, then this course has been structured to help you go from start to finish.

I'm Ready to Learn

“We understand that life sometimes happens and you may have to miss a class, but we will always send you a recording of your missed class so you never fall behind..”

Our aim is to ensure that all participants who register for this course to get the best out of the training. Sometimes you may have to miss a class or sometimes the internet starts acting up or maybe the power goes… Whatever the case, we would send you a recording of the class to ensure you don’t fall behind. After all, if you paid good money for this course then you should get your money’s worth.

Still not convinced? Why not take the first class of this course for free now by clicking on the link below

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Knowledge of javascript

The virtual classes are run using google hangouts. Before each virtual class, participants will receive a unique link to log on to the class. Once participants log in, the instructor will share his screen and take students through the class. If students have any questions, they can ask during the class and the instructor will be able to hear them.

If a student should miss the virtual class, a recorded version of the class will be made available for the student to watch. The link to this recorded episode will be active for 14 days after which it would expire.

To register for this course, please click on the register button at the bottom of this page

You will need to have a laptop, smartphone (Android or iPhone), an internet connection (this provided for the physical class). All required software can be downloaded for free on the internet.

We cannot guarantee jobs after course completion. However, because we are in the recruitment space, your resume will be automatically saved in our database and we will send your profile to employers looking for Mobile App Developers

Send an email to or call Ossy on 08025845461

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Early Bird Pricing (Applicable to payments made before July 14th, 2019)

Distance Learning Course: ₦34,999

Standard Pricing (Applicable to payments made after July 14th, 2019)

Distance Learning Course : ₦44,999

“Need to speak to someone to get more details, you can contact Ossy on 08025845461 or email

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