The Nigerian IT Jobs Report 2018

The Nigerian IT Jobs Report, 2018.

This IT Jobs Report helps both local and foreign based IT professionals  understand where the job opportunities lie in the Nigerian IT sector

The Information Communication Technology, (ICT) industry is still the most popular destination for technology talent.  The ICT industry consists mostly of service company that provide reseller software and applications to all other industries. It’s no surprise that the Financial Industry is the next big employers of software developers.


This IT Jobs Report has everything you need to know about average salaries and the industries paying the best across the board

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In creating this report, we sent a survey to over 3,000 IT professionals across Nigeria. One of the key insights from this report is that the IT Services sector is still the number one employer of IT professionals in Nigeria and this is followed by the Financial Services sector.

In this report, we find out that demand for IT Professionals is being driven by the intense competition between the FinTechs, Banks and other financial services companies

PHP is the preferred programming skill of choice for many newbie and junior programmers due to it’s role as the defacto speaking language of the web. With the exception of the Financial Services industry, PHP is the most requested programming skill on most job adverts and from our clients.

Project Management and Business Analysis are not programming skills but there are more teams that are requiring this skills to help increase the success of Software development.

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The key reasons cited  for moving jobs are for career growth and better financial rewards

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Other Highlights

  • Find out the most requested job perks to keep IT Professionals happy
  • See the breakdown of experience levels of job seekers
  • Know which IT skills are commanding the highest salaries
  • Learn which industries pay the best for IT professionals

This provides so many useful insights for both employers and job seekers and best of all, it is free to download!!!

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